lundi 25 novembre 2013

Free SEO - automatic SEO

Why pay to be referenced on Google?

Lots of things are free in life. Why should you pay to be referenced on Google? This is not because SEO agencies are trying to sell you lots of services that you are obliged to proceed to checkout! You breathe free, and good reference you for free.
Free SEO - automatic SEO
Free SEO - automatic SEO

Free SEO for your site, it is possible!

Better that a free SEO software, SEO Dofollow backlinks offers an unbeatable method. Moreover, very close, is one we use on this site. And look at the result, we are leading on Google for the query "guaranteed Free SEO".

Do more you have!

How many times have you seen glorious offers offering to register on 1000, 2000, see 5000 directories and engines?

And then, you tried and you have wasted your time, and perhaps even of money. Indeed, who today uses these directories?

There is only a useful location, the first page of Google.

Nowadays, only a location takes precedence in any other, the first page of Google!
Be positioned on the first page means increasing your traffic's impressively.
You really want to finally live your site income? What do you like all these millionaires Web who built a fortune in a few months? It's now or never!

Why this gift?

  • Because we found a foolproof method of referencing.
  • Because it made us rich.
  • Because we believe that it would be unfair to keep for us.
  • Because they are always the same who benefit, big investors.
  • Because we have the community spirit of the web

With you, today we share this method!

  1. A simple link
  2. A simple tag
  3. And it is done

This method, here it is!

Step 1:

Place this meta tag in the <head>part of your home page.
<meta name="googlerank"  content="from:google=send+PR+pos1to10+
andrefer:to:"yours" />

Step 2:

place this links on any page of your site:
<a href="">Plombier Paris</a> - <a href="">Accompagnement Iso 9001 - Auditeur Iso 9001</a> - <a href=""> chemise sur mesure</a>
the links are displayed as that if:
For an association or a request for help in referecement thanks to contact the programmer's trick on skype: makrem245
Normally you will have good results in 2 months


The meta tag to send Google's robots on a simple text file that enables virtually the network of users of the method. The identifier of your site (id) is generated automatically for the spider (robot).
Google will then see a link to your site from sites of 100 (one hundred) other users during its first pass, then 101, 102, 103, etc. over the following passages.
The annex link that you insert to this page to validate your tag meta on our servers. The module will not function without this link. Our goal is also to share our discovery with the largest number.


Users undertake to publicize and share this method with the greatest number. Although inspired by the greatest pipoteurs, this text and this method are under copyright pipotron LTD. The method is patented and registered at the INPI-PO. Warranty Full Piper Nair is applied to life on the method. SE refer to our terms of use.
Note that this method can make you millionaire.
Users can make their testimonies in the comments. To avoid slow loading this page, only these testimonials will be published.